• Chutneys

    Chutneys for Christmas to eat with all those delicious leftovers on Boxing day, or with some pork pie on Christmas eve. They make lovely gifts for people you've forgotten to buy for, or to keep in the cupboard and whip out on those depressing January days. 


    3 to choose from:

    Sweet chilli jam - firery, sweet and yum! Goes great with most things, and handy to have to spice up a curry if it needs it. Our Mum says she uses it with salmon - spreads it on the salmon before baking in the oven. 

    Spiced cranberry and pear - festive flavours that go great with all cheeses and meats. Perfect in a cold turkey sandwich. Also handy to have if you have any vegans/vegetarians over for Christmas lunch as it makes a fab condiment for a nut roast.

    Apple Chutney - apples and sultanas in a chutney-liscious sauce. Good with cheeses, with roast pork, with pigs in blanket baps!



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