Indulgent chocolate brownies with some favourite festive flavours. Perfect for gifts for teachers, the milkman, your boss, to eat in the bath on a treat yourself night. Not suitable for stocking fillers as they'll get smushed when they're wedged down in there, but would be a nice token gift for someone.


    Available in 5 delicious flavours:


    Bailey's Coffee - rich chocolate brownie with a hint of coffee and Baileys, topped with coffee ganache and 2 Bailey's chocolate truffles.


    Good Ol' Terry - Christmas isn't Christmas without some chocolate orange featuring somewhere! Rich chocolate brownie with orange zest and chunks of orange chocolate. Topped with dark chocolate ganache, a couple of slices of good ol' Terry's Chocolate Orange and some orange MatchMakers in memory of our lovely old friends Bob & Bertha.


    Lotus Bandwagon - cos we're jumping on the Lotus bandwagon. Rich chocolate brownies with white chocolate chunks and Lotus spread swirl. Topped with milk chocolate ganache, Lotus biscuits and some shavings of white chocolate to give an extra pop of colour for the photo!


    Mint Choc Chip - remember in the 80s when mint choc chip ice-cream was the fanciest thing around?! Well, we're using that nostalgia to think up of a name for what is essentially a mint chocolate brownie. Rich chocolate brownies with chunks of mint chocolate, a topping of some dark chocolate ganache, an own brand version of the After Eight mint and some mint MatchMakers.


    The Triangle One (Toblerone) - again, couldn't have a selection of Christmas brownies without some Toblerone. Rich chocolate brownies with white chocolate chunks, topped with nutty ganache and 3 (yes 3) sections of Toblerone. Ok, the smallest Toblerone available, but still.


    £2.50 each, 6 for £12 or 12 for £20. PLEASE NOTE - if you order a box of 6 or 12 you MUST tell us at checkout which flavours you'd like. 


    48 hour lead time on all brownie purchases. 




      Please contact us for detailed allergen information. All our brownies are gluten free but some of the toppings aren't. We can make certain flavours vegan, but please ask first before ordering. 

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