If you're anything like me then you'll have dreamt up your own favourite combination of chocolate and imagined a giant bar of it! Well, that's what our indulgent chocolate slabs are - giant bars of Belgian chocolate topped with some of our fave combos of other treats. Not ALL of our fave combos, I'd like to add - we'd be here for days if that were the case.


    Perfect for stocking fillers, gifts for teachers/milkmen/postmen, for hiding in your bedside drawer and nibbling at when you're putting away your washing. 


    There are 4 flavours to choose from and they come in 2 different sizes:

    Smallest (starts with a base of 100g chocolate) 

    Biggest (starts with a base of 250g chocolate) 



    Protein Spice: dark Belgian chocolate with honey roasted salted almonds and chilli flakes. 



    The Mack:  Belgian milk chocolate with a hint of orange essence, dark chocolate covered pretzels and segments of Terry's Chocolate Orange 

    1 of your 5: Belgian milk chocolate with swirls of white chocolate, topped with freeze dried berries (for your health! ;)) and chunks of white chocolate.

    Candy Krush: Dark chocolate with mint chocolate chunks, crushed candy canes and mint MatchMakers  


    • Allergens

      Please contact us via info@caterpillarcatering for more details on allergens. We may be able to make these Vegan but the toppings might have to differ slightly. Please note, we use all allergens in our kitchen and whilst the best attempts are made to avoid cross contamination, it can not be guaranteed. 

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