Coronvirus/COVID -19

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Well, these are strange times indeed we are living in...

A month ago we were planning for a busy summer of markets, festivals and private chef gigs. A lot has changed, since most of those events are either cancelled or uncertain.

To help the local community and to try and remain in business at this time, we have ramped-up production of our Grub Tub freezer meal range, and are offering free, contactless deliveries to specified areas.

As long as we remain open and as long as we are able to get raw ingredients to cook with, we will continue to cook and deliver these. The menu range may be reduced to enable us to keep up with demand - your understanding is appreciated.

You can see our range and make your purchases on our Grub Tubs page.

We'll get through this. Stay safe folks!

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