Website Ordering Going Live!

Well, it's been a long process (I never claimed to be a web designer), but we're finally ready to launch our online ordering system! Part of the problem with there only being two of us in the company is that one of us (me: Mack) was tied to a laptop much of the day responding to emails, manning facebook, writing order sheets, contacting people with various payment methods and then checking to see when those payments had arrived... was exhausting! Our online ordering system should hopefully automate much of the above, so I can get back to the pile of washing up that never seems to go down (I swear Anna sneaks things into it when I'm distracted). So - for now it's all of our Grub Tubs, Soups, Pies and Cake (that's most of the food groups covered, right?). Not all the pictures are there yet but if you have a great photo of some of our meals, then please email to us if you'd be happy for them to be used. We'll chuck some free brownies to anyone whose pic(s) we use.

If you encounter any problems with the website then please let us know and I'll work on fixing them.

We'll be adding more dishes and products to the store as time goes on.

Stay safe and stay fed,


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